Pro Kennex Stringing Machine




Ultra sensitive electronic linear tensioner uses load-cell microprocessor technology.


True constant pull with 6 selectable pulling speeds and 4 levels of prestretch.


Adjustable knot function increases tensions on tie-off pulls.


Precision tension control from 10 - 90 LB (4.5 - 40.8 KG) on 0.1 accuracy.


8 programmable tension settings.


Convenient timer and countdown functions.


LB or KG conversion key.


Fixed (non-rotating) diablo design minimizes pressure on string from gripper jaws.


Linear action string gripper with handy tensioning switch.


Ultra convenient touch sensor design speeds up stringing time.


Six-point mounting system with articulated side arms.


One knob opens side arms and adjusts center support.


One knob adjuster for distance between mounting posts.


Exclusive electrical height adjustment.


Full 360 degree racquet rotation with brake. 


Durable and quick clamping system with swivel action.


Fingers adjustment string clamps


Large sliding tool tray keeps tools out of view when closed.


Top tray keeps essential tools handy.


Convenient racquet rack and string reel holder.